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J L Carpet Cleaning

Hello my names Jared, owner and operator of jlcarpetcleaning. We are one of the most positively reviewed cleaning companies in Shropshire, we are an independent family run business, based locally in Telford, covering surrounding areas inc Shrewsbury We have been trained in infection control and offered a this as a niche service for some time but it has always stayed under the radar as it was never really called upon. During the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we have had a growing level of enquires for our disinfection service and feel it could be something we can help you with too. Our aim is to make as many offices, factories, surgeries and public areas as possible a safe place to be and give you peace of mind that you're employees, staff, vendors and the public are working in or visiting a safe environment and taking no unnecessary risks to anyone’s health. Our service is fast, discreet and has a re-entry time of just one hour keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. We offer a 2-step clean. The process involves the wiping down of all touchpoints with a specialist disinfectant such light switches, door handles, keyboards, desks, handrails etc. This is where cross-contamination occurs. We then use a dedicated ultra-low volume fogging machine and an antimicrobial product which is fogged over walls, ceilings, cupboards, under tables, carpets & can reach areas that your routine clean and disinfect program can't. This is done when areas are not manned and to ensure areas are fully disinfected. Typically, areas can be re-entered after an hour or so. We do also offer our main carpet and upholstery services, with extraction steam cleaning. With our truck-mounted offsite cleaning system, with our own water supply and all waste removed into the vehicle. Our truck-mounted cleaning system steam cleans carpets and soft furnishings with temperatures over 230 Degrees F. Ask us for more details on this unique system. As important as it is, regular cleaning isn't enough to kill off viruses and bacteria which is why we can offer you a 2-step clean &disinfect. We’re ready to help when you need us. I have attached a link to our dedicated web page which explains in better detail.

128 Coronation Drive Donnington TF2 8HZ http://www.jlcarpetcleaning.co.uk 01952 404214 07843 083311
Complete Pest Control Services Ltd

We treat and control any pest infestation and proof buildings to ensure no further access can be gained. We also install hygiene services including air fresheners, water management systems, sanitary bins and sharps bins.

Yew Tree Fram Old Hall SY13 3BX completepestcontrolservices.co.uk 01948 302001

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