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So what are the benefits of using the Trading Standards Accredited Brand?

All new & existing traders approved to our scheme, will be issued with a certificate.

This can be displayed, if applicable, at your offices.

In addition, in order to promote your registration, we will offer all approved traders vehicle stickers to prominently display on the door panels.

Similarly, those traders who have offices and retail premises will be offered window stickers to display at the entrance of their place of work.

Trading Standards Accredited (TSA) wants to promote your business. We will promote the scheme on our Facebook Page, informing members of the public that you run a fair business and that you follow our Code of Practice. TSA will also be promoted on our website, and in any publications we may issue. We will ensure that customers know that by using an approved trader, this will minimise the risk of being frustrated by unreliable businesses. It provides confidence to the customer that your business will be compliant with fair trading laws.

Using the TSA brand will promote your reputation as a business that cares about its customers.